Lifelong Learning

I’ve returned to a full schedule at Breathe these last few days and it’s been a sweet experience. The warm, friendly smiles, pleasant greetings and many polite requests for hugs ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks everyone so much for making my return so welcoming!

While I was away I heard that many of you were wondering what all I was learning at my training. Clearly you weren’t checking the blog ๐Ÿ˜‰ That’s ok. I joked last night as I began class that I would give it all to you then and there. In truthย I’m still downloading and processing a vast array of information regarding teaching principles, anatomy, and postural intricacies. I intend to keep things simple, as always, while gradually and intentionally integrating new discoveries and techniques that feel genuinely authentic as expressions of my teaching.ย I’m fascinated by and wholly believe in the lifelong student approach. I trust that there is always something valuable for us in every experience.

One area where the training was particularly healthy for me was to push outside of my comfort zone in the practice and challenge myself in areas where I had been coasting a bit.ย Sound familiar? Staying in our comfort zone seems attractive on the surface, however, when we remain there without new and interesting challenges to foster our growth and pique our interest then the comfort zone becomes the complacent zone. For each of us where the lines blur is unique, and only we can attest to where we are truly challenging ourselves or not. It’s up to us to honestly assess where we may be limiting ourselves. We may also discover with assuring contentment that we’re right where we need to be, progressing steadily on our path. The comfort zone is dynamic, though – it expands, which is a good thing. Each time we step out of our element, even fractionally, we are expanding our boundaries and broadening our horizons. I know that for me where I thought I was pushing into my growth zone 6 months ago is a comfort area now, so I’m pressing out even further now. My 21-day Advanced YTT experience asked me to look at where I was settling a bit, and where I could safely go further. For those of us motivated in initiating transformation with the practice, it is important to reevaluate these limits of what is possible for us and the reflections of a well-informed and well-intentioned teacher can help immensely.

Another area for me that I found extremely worthwhile from my training was spending time with other yoga studio owners from around the globe. Sharing ideas and insight with others who share the vision to spread the joy of yoga by creating community was inspiring. You’re already seeing the shared creativity being implemented with our September Yoga Bingo Challenge. The opportunity to network also helped me broaden my horizons and I’m excited for the potential in these newly formed relationships!

If we open ourselves to continuously learning along our path, then we are forever students with unlimited potential for deeper understanding of ourselves and the meaning of the life we are living. I believe keeping this ‘always a student’ mentality is the best way for us to maximize our growth and development, fostering progressive evolution for a life of learning. Thanks to all my teachers, including most recently Mark Stephens.

The light in me sees the light in you.