Mother’s Day Mala Workshop

Yogis have been using mala beads for thousands of years as a tool assisting with focus during meditation.

The word “mala” is Sanskrit for the word “garland.” Most often these beads are worn as necklaces or wrapped around the wrist as bracelets. A mala consists of a string of 108 beads/gemstones with an extra as the head bead known as the guru bead. When using them in meditation, you pass each bead through your fingers until you reach the guru bead, this gives you a single pointed task to focus on during meditation. They are often used in conjunction with mantras or intentions in which you can repeat it to yourself with each pass of a bead, or each bead can represent an in breath or an out breath. This beautiful adornment can be worn or taken with you throughout your day as a way of taking your yoga practice with you, off your mat. Malas are thought to absorb the vibration of your practice or energy of your meditations. They can be a powerful tool to deepen your yoga practice!

Celebrate Mother’s Day this Sunday at our Mala making workshop. Use this time as a gift for yourself, share it with your mother, or make a present for mom before your dinner outing! Not only do you get to use some beautiful gemstones to make your own personal Mala, but you will get to learn a little more about using them in your own practice.

Join June for a fun afternoon of Mala making! Workshop Fee covers gemstone beads, materials & instruction. Bring any special beads or charms you wish to add to your mala.

Sunday, May 13th
1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
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